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texManager light 4.0

texManager is a text block managing tool, which stores your...

texManager is a text block managing tool, which stores your text blocks in one or more external databases, it was developed particularly for Microsoft Word documents.

Small text cutouts or whole documents can be stored into texManager, all specific characteristics of a Word document will remain like: fields, tables, pictures, mergefields, etc.

Additionally you can store a Word macro for each text block, which made huge automation procedures possible. texManager offers additional advantages like:- Central text block database for all users - Categories- Document import- Combinations of existing text blocks to a new one- Delivery of several text modules (MultiCopy) - Networkable - Data security- No length limitation- Preview- Unlimited text block databases- fast search function- Autotext- XML interface for automatic document generation- Client/Server version optionallyLimitation of the light version:- without data transfer tool docBuilder- no multi import for documents.

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